BEVERLY HILLS — One of Hollywood’s last remaining silent movie stars, Carla Laemmle celebrated her 102nd birthday on October 22nd2011 in Beverly Hills, CA with friends and celebrity guests  joined her reflection of her lifetime in Hollywood and being the only child to ever live on the lot of Universal Pictures.
There was a very nice turn out. Red Carpet, and catered food, and a crowd of old Hollywood. They had a projector set up in the back and was showing images of Carla from her younger years, and also screened the documentary.
Some of the people in attendance,  
Barbara Perry, Britt Griffith, Carla Laemmle, Christopher Riordin, Victor Lundin, Yennifer Behrens, Cassandra Shaw, Chriss Anglin, Felix Ryan, Jennifer Woods, Karen McClain, Marshall Hilton, Matt Markey, Mia Hope, Natasha Alam, Noah Dahl, Patrick Simpson, Pol Atteu, Ryan Cleary, Sam “The Sam” Mora, Sydney DoDick, Tiffany Pulvino, Yennifer Behrens. 
Carla recently wrapped from feature film ‘Mansion of Blood’ with Gary Busey, Robert Picardo and Terry Moore, Carla was the first to ever speak in a talking horror picture, Dracula (1931). The opening line in the movie, “Among the Rugged Peaks that crown down upon the Borgo Pass, are found crumbling castles of a bygone age.” is the title of her new documentary film‘Among the Rugged Peaks – The Carla Laemmle Story’ narrated by Award Winning Actress Sally Kirkland, and hopeful to make next year’s Oscars.

Carla, whose uncle was Universal Pictures Founder Carl Laemmle, first arrived to Hollywood as a classically trained ballet dancer in 1921. Throughout her life she followed her diverse artistic passions, and appeared in a wide array of films like ‘King of Jazz’ in 1930 with George Gershwin, she was the Prima Ballerina in ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ in 1925 with Lon Chaney, and ‘Night and Day’ in 1946 with Cary Grant.


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