‎$1,000.000.000 David Harrison Levi ☆ Grammy ♪♫ Birthday Extravaganza

Well… I must say this was one hell of a party. Even though it was David’s birthday it sure felt like mine too! You really out did yourself David! I had such a great time taking pics of everyone. In between taking over 1000 pictures I had to stop and pose with some of the people in the crowd. I must have been in atleast 75 pics with beautiful women. I had many people coming to me calling me by my full name as I wondered how they even knew. Alot of the people I had never met before.

I dont know how many people actually showed up, but most everyone knew who I was, or had heard about me or my pictures. The place was packed.

As much as I self-promote telling everyone how famous I am, I think it is starting to rub off. I must have been introduced by atleast 100 people as the famous celebrity photographer, Travis Jourdain.
Even the people that talk behind my back and post things about me on others facebook pages were really nice to me.

The hugs and smiles were endless, it was so cool. I can’t say enough how much fun I had.

This was definately a billion dollar birthday party! There were so many acts and fashion lines I couldn’t even begin to name them all.

They just kept coming! As I ran back and forth trying to cover the 3 carpets they had set up on the patio while everyone posed for the camera.

Then back inside to shoot who ever was on the stage at the moment, while trying to capture all the excitement in the crowd.  I must have ran 10 miles around that place.

Everyone appeared to be having fun!

David acknowledged alot of people, and presented a few awards. One to Tony Boldi as the honorary mayor of Hollywood. Another award went to Jack Lane for his dedicated service to our country.

And ofcourse my peeps at Hollywood Broker got one too!

David was such a lucky man to have all these people there to celebrate his birthday, and be a part of his Breast Cancer Awareness cause.

I was called up to receive an award also, and next thing I know I was standing on stage with 20 people that were also being acknowledge for their dedication to David. By the time he had finished acknowledging everyone most of the crowd had cleared out and it was 1:45am.

A few of us stuck around and gathered the food and toys that were brought to be donated to the mission as part of another cause David feels strongly about.

Then we went to Mel’s Diner, and David finally presented me with my award for the “2010 Photographer of the Year” at 4:30am. Thanks David!  I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. g2-dc7b6ff4d69e3b8e87c98a7fa19a3056 says:

    Thank You Travis for your caring, kindness & loyalty about a cause I am so very passionate about! We had 2167 friends in attendance & I was NOT surprised by the reaction this morning about the incredible time everyone seemed to have. As You may know, I was able to acquire more then 600 toys and canned goods for the Los Angeles Mission & USMC Toys For Tots program. The photos You took of the event were both entertaining & captured much of the celebration! The show as usual went long and many did not have the opportunity to sing or dance though we did manage to have quite an extensive list of TOP entertainers! Thank you so much to ALL the photographers & videographers that managed to work their way around the 3 red carpets & a very special thank You to the guests of this year’s 2011 “Party of the Year” Congratulations to You & ALL the photographers & videographers & on your well deserved Appreciation Award for always being their for me with that talented eye of yours! David Harrison Levi – Starmaker Red Carpet Events for Breast Cancer Awareness

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