F.A.M.E Presents: 2010 AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS AFTER PARTY @ Stone Rose Lounge

London Moore

I arrived about 8:30pm and there was already a line of about 30 people waiting to get in. I went inside and headed towards the carpet. There were alot of photographers already waiting behind the ropes for the talent to arrive. I grabbed a spot at the beginning of the carpet. Shortly after the talent started pouring in. Jade Cordova, assistant to the host of the evening, London Moore. She was very pleasant as always, and did such a great job handling the red carpet.

What a great event! There were alot of people I knew and alot of new people I got to meet last night. The crowd was very fun and everyone was dressed to impress. I covered the carpet till about 10pm.

After the talent was finished posing many of the guests the attended the event were so excited to walk the carpet and have their friends take pictures of them with the backdrop. There were many people from out of town and out of the country. They all got a chance to take pics and play Hollywood for the night. I am sure they will have plenty to talk about from this event when they get back to their home town.

I roamed the crowd for a few hours taking pics of all my friends and fans. Its crazy how so many people kept coming up to me to get their picture taken, and that I didnt recognize, but it is so hard to remember everyone from every event although certain people stand out more than others.

The turn out was atleast a couple hundred people.

Keep the F.A.M.E alive.


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