Nelly “5.0” Album Release Party at PlayHouse in Hollywood


The night started out slow. This was suppose to be a record release party and it was starting to look like one of those Bullsh*t hyped up Hollywood parties.  There was no one at the place at all until 10pm. I went across the street to get a burrito. When I came back 5 minutes later there were over 100 people standing in line.

No celebs insight. 10:30 rolled around before the first person with a name arrived to the club. First guy on the redcarpet was pro skater Jereme Rogers followed by an up and coming artist Shalone. At that point all the photographers were talking about leaving.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) showed up shortly after. Rob Kardashian was on the carpet briefly until a crowd of people filled the walkway. I must say it was a bit disorganized.

The entry fee went up from $20 to $30 to $40 at that point. Then 2 Escalades pulled up out front.  An entourage of people came storming out. Chris Brown made his way to the carpet as security held back the screaming fans. Nelly then approached the carpet, he posed for the camera allowing the media to get some pretty good shots. They all made their way inside.  Some how Ginuwine, T.I. , and Lisa Raye slipped right passed me as the carpet was filled with people.

By then the rest of the photographers had left, so I made my way inside. I then went up to the Vip to meet up with Nelly and Chris Brown. They popped a bottle of champaign and about 20 of us toasted. 5 minutes later they were escorted to the stage and the show began.

I found some of my boys inside the club so decided to kick it and take some pics. Went back stage for a few and got some exclusive shots of Chris Brown.

Chris Brown


Nelly did a couple tracks then called Chris to  jumped on the mic together while Jermaine Dupri handled the turntables.

The club was so packed you couldn’t move. I literally had to climb over people to get from the back to the front of the stage.

Man it was one hell of a party as smoke filled the air and bottles of champaign popped all night.

Watch the show


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