Kenneth Cole Grand Opening Event: Live Performance by Taio Cruz

Kenneth Cole

I went to the Grand Opening of the new Kenneth Cole store at The New Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, CA.

They were not allowing any photographers in the store to cover this event other than the house photographer although there wasn’t really much going on in the store anyway.

They had 6 staff members at the front checking people in, and was telling people that weren’t on the list that they had already reached the 75 person capacity.

That was the same thing they told me and the other photographers that tried to gain entry. There were only 9 people in the whole store and 5 of them were staff.

One girl was getting her picture taken infront of the backdrop.

I am not sure of the intention they had by not allowing press into their  grand opening. Usually people that open new stores want to be publicize.

I guess Kenneth and/or his team thought it would be better press to put on a free show for the public featuring London, pop singer Taio Cruz.

Taio Cruz

The show was great as Taio pleased the crowd for almost 30 minutes with free entertainment.

I wasn’t really sure what they had in mind, or what they thought would result out of putting on a free show, but I doubt one person in that crowd was on the guestlist for the grand opening of the new store. There were alot of kids and their parents. There was a slight malfuction with the instruments during the performance of Tiao’s new song Dirty Picture but all in all the show was a great success.

Video Clip of Dirty Picture.
Kenneth, I wish you great success with your new location.

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  1. Great, work keep it up ! “STAR”

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